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Tiny Shakes: Romeo & Juliet

Our sound team got to work with 21 high school students to develop the original sound and score of this virtual Shakespeare adaptation! Bailey Trierweiler and Daniela Hart gave a song writing workshop to the actors to help them to hone their composition and lyric writing skills. Each student had the chance to create their own original work for the show with Bailey and Daniela mixing and producing the music. It brought our whole team so much joy to see the potential of these young collaborators and the excitement they felt while creating and developing a new skill together.

For seven years, Two River Theater has produced A Little Shakespeare, a 75-minute cut of a Shakespeare play directed and designed by theater professionals, and performed and supported backstage by high school students. This season, the program used the limitations of 2021 as a unique opportunity for students to delve deeply into the play and give them the agency to tell the story in their own way, filming scenes from home. Over the course of the program, 21 students partnered with industry professionals to learn more about acting, visual design, music, fight choreography, and filmmaking. The result is an eclectic and energetic production of Romeo and Juliet featuring original music, TikTok dances, FaceTime calls, and more.

Produced by: Two River Theater

By: William Shakespeare

Co-Directed by: Aneesha Kudtarkar and Em Weinstein

Sound Design: Bailey Trierweiler

Sound Associate: Daniela Hart

Music Production: Daniela Hart

Video Design: Stefania Bulbarella

Scenic Design: Gerardo Díaz Sánchez

Costume Design: Cole McCarty

Fight Director: Ysabel Jasa

Colorist: Rinaldi Ambiroa

Stage Manager: Julia Bates

Editing Assistant: Alessandra Cronin

Dramaturgy Consultant & Editing Assistant: Sophie Siegel-Warren


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