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Tiny Father

Creating the constant sounds of a neonatal intensive care unit and weaving those into original compositions for Mike Lew's new play has been a a fun challenge. Our sound team is thrilled to work with Barrington Stage and Chautauqua Theatre Company on the birth of this world premiere!

Daniel’s friends-with-benefits relationship leads to unexpected results when he finds himself face-to-face with becoming the father of a micro-preemie in the NICU. He knows nothing about babies, and Caroline, the night nurse, is happy to point that out. Over the course of his tiny daughter’s hospital stay, he will need to take more than a few tiny steps to find his way into becoming a father.

Director: Moritz von Steulpnagel

Sound Design: Daniela Hart

Associate Sound Design: Noel Nichols & Bailey Trierweiler

Sound Supervisor: Sean Doyle

Assistant Sound Supervisor: Aaron Harris Woodstein

A1: Brandon DiGiovanna

Costumes Design: Tilly Grimes

Set Design: Wilson Chin

Lighting Design: Alan C. Edwards

PSM: Andrew Petrick

ASM: Alden Kennedy

Cast: Andy Lucien & Jennifer Ikeda

Produced by Barrington Stage & Chautauqua Theatre Company


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