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Such a Shitty Time

What does loneliness sound like? Does it have a color palette? Creating work in 2020 made us ask these questions and so many more. This short gave us the opportunity to create an intimate world for two that explored relationships and human connections in a time when it was so hard to come by. We were honored to work on the sound and color on another Coop production.

This short explores the need for love and human relationships in the time of COVID and imagines a friend-for-hire service in NYC for those who are lonely and isolated.

Written, Directed, Edited Produced by: Avra Fox-Lerner

Starring: Raymond Cham Jr., Leah Loftin

Dancers: Matilda and Jose Pavon

Executive Producers: The Coop, Resonant

Associate Producers: Kho Wong, Scott Miller, Chloe Sabin

DP, Editor: Scott Miller

Assistant Editor: Dave Shaw

Finishing Editor: Alec Styborski

Costume Design: Annie Simon

Production Design: Kate Rance

Sound Mix: Elizabeth Drummon

Sound Editor and Mixer: Daniela Hart

Colorist: Brandon Pro

Original Score and Song by: Nathan Halpern

Singer: Emily Forsythe

Strings: Robert Pycior

Bass and Music Mix: Chris Ruggiero

Additional Engineering: Glen Forsythe


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