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Pleasure Machine

Our sound team is pumped to be providing recording and post sound services for this collaboration with Colt Coeur, Tara, Starr, the writing team and this incredible cast! This audio drama podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts where you can listen to all nine episodes. Shout out to our sound team: Daniela, Noel, and Bailey - We're so grateful to have such a thoughtful and collaborative team on this massive project!

When H, a budding creator of care kink, receives the offer of a lifetime from tech giant Librate, they are forced to choose between maintaining their artistic integrity and protecting their family. From Bed Stuy to Mexico City, over cocktails and Twitter, H battles competing financial and ethical pressures until they lose themself and their loved ones in one fell swoop. A story of lust, loss, and the dangers of Capitalism, PLEASURE MACHINE is a nine-episode narrative podcast about the consequences of caring too much in a system that wants to to turn care into a consumable.

Writers: Diane Exavier, Phaedra Michelle Scott, & May Treuhaft-Ali

Director: Tara Elliott

Producer: Emma Orne

Sound Engineers: Noel Nichols, Bailey Trierweiler

Sound Editing: Bailey Trierweiler

Sound Design: Daniela Hart

Original Music: Starr Busby

Starring: Starr Busby, Portia Johnson, Amara Brady, Jasmin Walker, Adam Harrington

Additional Voices: Sagan Chen, Eric Lockley, Peter McNally, Susan Ly, Emma Orme, & Akyiaa Wilson

Produced by Colt Coeur


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