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We got to go behind the scenes at the NY Comic Con this year! We designed the soundscape and system for an immersive installation promoting Amazon's new show, The Peripheral. This 4 room experience had a 3D printer workshop with working printers, a massive, high resolution LED wall, and was a beast to install but we had a blast!

Have you ever wanted to peer into the future? Visit Forever Fab 3D print shop at New York Comic Con this weekend to step into the world of 2032 and see the future printed before your eyes….only to find out that someone from the future has their eyes on you. You can try out 3D printed prototypes and taste 3D printed candies from another time. But linger too long and you'll soon discover what the future has in store for you. Forever Fab is a fictional print shop from Prime Video & Amazon Studios' new sci-fi thriller The Peripheral, from Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The series follows Flynne Fisher, a young woman from a small rural American town, as she tries to save the world between two timelines -- in 2032 Clanton and 2099 London.

Head of Production: Margaret Morici

Executive Producer: Daniela Ruiz

Creative Director: Erin Hauswirth and Eric Zhou

Fabricator: MadeFirst

Associate Technical Director: Jake Platt

System Network Programmer and Lighting Director: Trevor Dewey

Video System Design and Programming: Alex Basco Koch, Stephen Stivo, Ghost Corporeal

Soundscape Design and Audio System Design: UptownWorks; Daniela Hart, Liam Bellman-Sharpe, Bailey Trierweiler, Noel Nichols

Technical Design and Support: GNLE Design

Video: ATD Audio Visual

Lighting: 4Wall Entertainment

Audio: PRG North America


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