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Team Sound has been on a scary story kick and Theresa Rebeck's premiere of Nightwatch has been giving us goosebumps! Give this suspenseful audio drama a listen and check out the phenomenal talent of our recording artists and sound designers as they create the intimate world of Nightwatch.

A teenage girl witnesses a violent attack in the middle of the street. No one else seemed to see it, and the police failed to investigate. If a murder happens and only one person sees it - and that person is a teenage girl - is it real? But what if a true crime is a fake crime? What is truth and what is fake news in the world we live in? Intrepid public radio reporter Martina Diaz guides us through a maze of interviews with friends and skeptics on NIGHTWATCH.

Sound production: UptownWorks

Lead recording artists, Sound supervisor: Daniela Hart

Sound associate: Noel Nichols

Editor in post: Bailey Trierweiler

Lead engineer: Liam Bellman Sharpe

Playwright: Theresa Rebeck

Director: Moritz Van Stuelpnagel

Cast: Brittany Bradford, Norbert Leo Butz, David Mason, Kathy McCafferty, Talene Monahon, Delilah Napier, Krysta Rodriguez, Kuhoo Verma

Stage manager: Rachel Gross


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