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New Colossus

We're announcing a new docuseries produced by the UptownWorks team in partnership with Midnight Oil Collective. As 2020 closes out, our team is grateful to be able to connect with local artists to share each other's stories.

the new colossus: an exploration of why we're here

The experience of moving, of leaving one place and arriving in another, of creating 'home away from home', however permanent, is a wholly varied and nuanced experience for each individual. There is no single, monolithic story. The New Colossus is a mini-documentary series exploring the question 'why are we here?' It is a poetic investigation of identity, seeking to centralize the bodies, minds, and spirits of each participant, in all stages of the filmmaking process.

Featuring: Kulimusi Barongozi

Director: Sola Fadiran

Producers: Midnight Oil Collective with Edwin Joseph, Risham Dhamija and Sola Fadiran

DP: Brandon Pro

Gaffer: Noel Nichols

Location Sound: Bailey Trierweiler and Daniela Hart

Edit: Erin Sulllivan

Post Audio: Liam Bellman-Sharpe


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