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Masses Are Asses

The UptownWorks Sound Team worked with the talented actors at Wesleyan University Theater to create this hilarious and, at times, gut wrenching audio drama. With teammates and castmates from around the country involved in this performance, we got the chance to hone in our remote recording process. Recording a show from multiple places isn't always easy but by now we're getting to be darn good at it! Director Miranda Haymon made working on this project a dream and we are looking forward to working with them again soon! More deets to come!

The Masses are Asses (1974) by Pedro Pietri is an absurdist satire that exposes issues of social class, parodies the notion of the American Dream, and plays with political parody. The play takes place in either a fancy restaurant in Paris or a tenement building bathroom in the South Bronx. The plot revolves around two characters who vamp, mimic, and instigate each other and their values. The reality of the show is heightened through its use of sound, highlighted by the medium of a radio play. Since it is a radio production, this eliminates audience members’ need for visuals, relying solely on sound. There is a nuance that comes with creating a dynamic between characters using only their voices, and sound design has posed a wonderful adventure and added narrative texture in this project.

Producer: Wesleyan Center for the Arts

Director: Miranda Haymon

Stage Manager: Thea LaCrosse

Assistant Director: Annabella Machnizh

Dramaturg: Sarah Shapiro

Sound Designer: Noel Nichols

Sound Associate: Daniela Hart

Sound Associate: Bailey Trierweiler

Assistant Sound Designer: Chapin Montague

Gentleman: Samuel Driver

Lady: Maria Noto

Production Manager: Fiona Coffey

Technical Director: Suzanne Sadler


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