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We're grateful to sound design another magical production with director and collaborator Kat Yen. Thanks to the students and staff at Rochester University!

A war in heaven between the angels and God spills over onto earth and threatens to plunge us all into chaos and bring about a post-apocalyptic world. What happens when your guardian angel leaves you to join the revolution? Cast out on the streets to face a crumbling world, a young woman, Marisol, discovers hope in destitution and transcendence in sacrifice as the dispossessed of the earth rise up to create a new beginning and a better world.

Directed by Kat Yen

By: Jose Rivera

Scenic Designer: Jimmy Stubbs

Costume Designer: Mika Eubanks

Lighting Designer: Nic Vincent

Sound Designers: Daniela Hart, Noel Nichols, Bailey Trierweiler

AudioVisual Engineer: Svetlana Pack

A1: Jenny McIntosh

A2: Kwame Edu-Ansah

Original Music: Daniela Hart

Voice & Acting Coach: Esther Winter

Fight Choreographer: Rick Sordelet

Stage Manager: Mercedes Stiner

Cast: Raina Plaisir, Cynthia Xiao, Brittany Broadus, Vikram Gupta, Bree McDonough, Jesika Barnes, Cayen Moore, Jack Moore, Miles Harrison, Alex Mccabe


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