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Espejos: Clean

Diving into this bilingual play by Christine Quintana was unlike any show we designed! Hartford Stage has been so welcoming and we are headed to Syracuse Stage next. Get your tickets for this production now to soak up the sun and surf while taking in this complex and thought provoking production.

Two worlds collide one evening at a high-end resort in Mexico, igniting a series of misunderstandings, miscalculations, and internal reckonings. Told entirely in English and Spanish — with respective supertitles — Espejos: Clean offers an eye-opening story of unlikely and meaningful connection.

Director: Melissa Crespo

Scenic Designer: Mariana Sanchez

Costume Designer: Lux Haac

Projection Designer: Lisa Renkel

Lighting Designer: Colleen Doherty

Assistant Lighting Designer: Bev Fremain

Sound Designer: Daniella Hart

Co-Sound Designer: Bailey Trierweiler, Noel Nichols

Assistant Sound Designer: Rebecca Satzberg

Audio/Video Manager: Lucas Clopton

Assistant A/V Manager & A1: Jim Busker

A2: Joe Burns

Cast: Emma Ramos, Kate Abbruzzese

Production Stage Manager: Laura Jane Collins

Assistant Stage Manager: Chandalae Nyswonger

Production Assistant: Austin Washington


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