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UptownWorks provided our Sound and Color services for this compelling short. This was such a great film to work on and we are excited to see it hit festivals this spring!

Two rival colleagues (and former lovers) present simultaneous papers on the artistry and Soviet-era activism of the 1940's German film star Leda Houndstooth in this low-stakes satirical thriller about the absurdly high stakes of academic conferences.

Starring Ronald Peet, Diane Moon and Kersti Bryan

Directed by Claire Siebers

Written by Emma Horwitz and Claire Seibers

Produced by Laura Ramadei

Cinematography by Ludovica Isidori

Production Sound Mixer: Andrew Litton

Edited by Donaldo Prescod

Original Music by Pierce Siebers

Sound Edit and Mix by Daniela Hart

Color by Brandon Pro


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