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Love in Submission

UptownWorks is proud to be the post production house on this short film; editing, mixing, sound editing, and coloring for @loveinsubmissionfilm. Check them out on Instagram to see how it's being enjoyed at festivals!

An intimate and compelling short film following two Muslim women meeting each other for the first time.

Starring Antu Yacob, Kianne Muschett, August Muschett, Kadence Muschett and Adrian Luke Sinclaire

Co-Written by Antu Jacob and Munirah Bishop

Directed by Lande Yoosef

Produced by Antu Yacob, Kianne Muschett, Tara Gadomski, and Cirenia Reyes

In Association with Vitamin G Productions

Associate Producer: Adrian Luke Sinclair

Cinematographer: Arthur Woo

Production Sound Mixing: Leslie Tran

Edited by Daniela Hart

Sound Edit and Mix by Daniela Hart

Color Correction by Brandon Pro

Original music by Kena Anae


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